Clinical meeting volume

During the quarter January-March 2019, 43 behavioral health medical practitioners on HCICnet scheduled a total of approximately 6,200 patient visits via video per month. Two of these providers connected from their homes in Texas; there are also home providers in Florida, Kentucky, Utah, Wyoming, New York, and Colorado, as well as Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Goodyear, Arizona.

The approximately 60,000 total clinical visits during calendar year 2018 were for the most part doctor-patient visits. Clinical use of HCICnet also includes Title 36 Commitment hearings, staffings, family involvement in member treatment, family team meetings, and ASL interpreter services.

"I went into it (telemedicine) very reluctantly because I thought I would miss the one-on-one energy. I anticipated it being difficult. And it turns out, I love it!"
-Beth Caspian, MD

Clinical telemedicine services generally are delivered within the HCIC system or between HCIC clinics and the Arizona State Hospital. However, the statewide telebehavioral health network, RBHAnet, also has been used to provide clinical services to HCIC patients. For example, a psychiatrist in Scottsdale, using a University of Arizona videoconferencing endpoint, provides services to HCIC patients in Show Low under contract with HCIC’s Navajo county clinic, Community Counseling Centers.

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