With NARBHA's assistance, other Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) established their own multi-site telemedicine networks. Together these connected networks form RBHAnet, which includes:

  • The over 90-site HealthChoice Integrated Care telemedicine network based in Flagstaff, which includes:
    • HCIC headquarters in Flagstaff, with 13
    • video endpoints
    • 36 clinical endpoints in Northern Arizona
    • 6 clinical endpoints in the greater Phoenix Area
    • the Arizona State Hospital campus in Phoenix
    • the Navajo (Window Rock), White Mountain Apache (Whiteriver) and Gila River (Sacaton) Regional Behavioral Health Authorities as well as the Hualapai Health Department and Supai
  • The Arizona Department of Health Services/Divison of Behavioral Health Services in Phoenix

Through HCIC’s Flagstaff hub site, RBHAnet is permanently connected to the University of Arizona telemedicine network, a Tucson-based network of more than 80 sites statewide. With this connection:

  • HCIC is able to offer all RBHAnet endpoints Continuing Medical Education units (through the U of A’s weekly Psychiatric Grand Rounds) and specialty physician consulting.
  • University of Arizona and RBHAnet sites are able to interconnect regularly for statewide meetings roundtables and trainings.

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