telemedicine etiquette

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When you are participating in a videoconference (either at the host site or one of the remote sites) please remember the following to get the most out this medium.

  • Mute your microphone until you have a question or comment.  
  •  When your microphone is unmuted, keep background noise (shuffling of papers, side conversations, moving coffee mugs, etc.) to a minimum. 
  •  Speak clearly, one at a time, in a normal voice. 
  •  If you are chairing the meeting, be sure meeting materials are readily available to participants by distributing the materials to all the meeting invitees well before the meeting begins. You also can use peripherals such as a document camera or a computer hookup/PowerPoint presentation to show your materials over the video system. 
  • If the meeting is being recorded, always announce this to ALL participants.
We recommend that you print out the "Videoconference Reference Sheet" and post it in all conference room so that users can refer to it throughout their video conferences.
open videoconference reference sheet (PDF)

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