tips for the chair/host

The majority of HCICnet video calls are hooked up by the Telemed staff through HCIC’s multipoint videoconference bridge. When time allows, the participating far-end video sites will be connected 1/2 hour prior to the start time of your meeting for a pre-test. This allows HCIC Telemed staff time to address any network or equipment problems that may occur.

HCIC Telemed staff monitor your videoconference and can:

  • add sites to or remove sites from your conference
    (In meetings where confidential information is discussed, it is important to notify Telemed staff to remove connected sites where no participants are present.)
  • extend your conference
    (if participating sites have continued availability after your conference is scheduled to end)
  • reconnect sites that drop from the conference
  • mute sites that are making too much noise during a presentation by another site
  • troubleshoot and resolve call-quality problems
  • show you who is in each connected video room
If you wish to make any of the above requests during your video conference call, contact the HCIC Telemed Staff.
Department Cell Phone
From a HCIC Conference Room use the telemed speed dial button

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