scheduling a telemedicine conference



We have provided an on-line Telemedicine Request form and instructions to make it easy and efficient for network members to schedule videoconferences. The information listed on the form is required for the HCIC telemed staff to input the meeting into the bridge scheduling software.

Scheduling conflicts may occur. In those instances, each site has the right to choose which videoconference it wants to participate in. HCIC has developed its own guidelines for prioritization of use of the telemedicine system. We encourage each RBHA to adopt or develop its own guidelines.

If your site is not a network member, you will need to contact HCIC telemedicine staff to arrange for a connection. Additional rules and fees may apply; please refer to HCIC's policy on Purchase of Videoconferencing Network Time.

   canceling a telemedicine conference

It is the responsibility of the Meeting Requestor to notify the participants, the Site Coordinator at their video site, and the HCIC telemedicine staff within 24 hours of a meeting cancellation to ensure that the reservation of the videoconference room at each site is canceled.

HCIC telemedicine staff will then cancel the meeting in the web scheduling center. An automatic email notification will go out to all invited far end sites, notifying the video site coordinator(s) that the meeting has been canceled.

Please avoid last-minute cancellations.

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