Don't forfeit your rebate!

NARBHA telemed staff file for Universal Service rebates each year on behalf of all eligible NARBHA video sites. To be eligible for funding, video sites must be deemed rural by the U.S. Census bureau, must be nonprofit health care providers, and must post a notice of their intent to install a telecommunications line for a minimum of 28 days before installing or signing a contract to install the line. YOU MUST NOTIFY NARBHA TELEMED STAFF OF YOUR INTENTION TO INSTALL A TELECOMMUNICATIONS LINE AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT OR INSTALL THE LINE. We will take care of posting your notice and applying for your rebate. Without the proper posting period, any rebates your site may have been eligible for will be denied for the length of your telecommunications contract. Failing to notify NARBHA telemed staff of planned circuit installations can cost your sites thousands of dollars per year.

Questions? Call Jennifer Pierce, 928-214-2201.

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